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Supply Chain Shortages: How to Prep & CREATE Your Own Supply Chains

• Organic Prepper - Daisy Luther

The supply chain shortages have gotten so real that there's pretty much no way even the most fervent bury-er-of-one's-head-in-the-sand can ignore them. A stop at nearly any store in the country shows bare spots on shelves that used to be stocked to the point of overflowing. So, what's a prepper to do if they want to get ready for things to get even worse?

Going out on a one-day mega-shopping spree is a lot more difficult and expensive than it once was. However, I have some thoughts about how you can continue to stock up despite these supply chain issues.

If it seems like I'm pushing a strong sense of urgency, that's because I am. Things really are that bad, and they're going to continue to devolve.

Look at your budget

First things first, how much money do you have available to spend? You can stock up using just your regular grocery budget by reallocating your funds toward shelf-stable items and bulk purchases while eating inexpensive meals right now to help your grocery dollars go further. (See my complete strategy for that here in this bundle.)

Better yet, if you have some extra money or can make room in your budget, this is the time to splurge. I've always recommended buying the healthiest food possible, but at this point, I suggest you focus on calories and balance. Don't get all carbs – be sure to get fruits, veggies, and protein too. We're in a situation that you need to look at it this way: do you want organic stuff that lasts a month or conventional stuff to feed your family for six months. That is genuinely the price difference at this point. Hopefully, things calm down, but for now, just fill your pantries.

And this isn't just about food. We're facing supply chain shortages of darn near everything.