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How a Cancer-Causing Monkey Virus Ended Up in Polio Vaccines

• Michael Horwin, M.A.,J.D.

Did you know that a cancer-causing monkey virus contaminated millions of batches of polio vaccine?

Did you know this virus has now been found inside people and inside their cancers?

The health authorities would like the American public to forget these facts. But it happened, and the repercussions are still with us today.

This known contamination took place at the end of the 1950s and the beginning of the 1960s, but may have continued for the next 40 years. In fact, over the last 60 years, cancer rates for every age group in America have continued to climb.

How did this vaccine contamination happen? And is there a link to the skyrocketing rates of cancer in the United States?

How were polio vaccines contaminated with cancer-causing monkey virus?

In the 1950s, scientists like Drs. Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin had isolated the poliovirus strains to make vaccines.

Salk's strains would be inactivated with formaldehyde and injected into children. Sabin's strains would be attenuated, or weakened, by transferring or passaging the live viruses through different host cells, and then fed to children orally.

Because his goal was to create a live attenuated vaccine, Sabin had to isolate the poliovirus strains and then passage the strains through various host cells in order to attain the right virulence — strong enough to illicit an immune response, but weak enough so as to not cause polio in the recipient.

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