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Our RV Lifestyle Community Weighs in on Loneliness PLUS 9 Helpful Tips

•, Mike Wendland

Many people think you can meet a lot of new friends on the road, and they're right. But it's not necessarily as easy as people think– especially if you're more introverted and shy.

The following is a little bit on the cause of loneliness when traveling in your RV, and some experiences of our RV Lifestyle Community on Facebook, and then some solid tips to combat loneliness and feelings of isolation!

But it's important to note that you can feel lonely even if you are with other people. This is especially true if you travel with the same person and get "too comfortable" with each other or too focused on your own interests. In this case, loneliness isn't due to being alone, but rather being isolated from meaningful interactions with others.

Studies have shown that women get asked more often than men if they feel lonely. That is because societal assumptions presume that women are more social creatures than men.  In reality, anyone can experience loneliness, no matter their gender.