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Breakfast at Monsanto's Sheds Light on Health Dangers of World's Most Used Weedkiller

• By Dr. Lee A. Evslin and Sustainable Pulse

Sustainable Pulse: What led to your interest in Monsanto and specifically glyphosate herbicides – is this interest related to your work as a pediatrician?

Dr. Lee A. Evslin: In 2012, the Island of Kaua'i became embroiled in one of the most divisive controversies in its history. Four chemical seed companies and a coffee company were reported to be spraying eighteen tons of restricted use pesticides per year in fields close to several small towns. They were even spraying large amounts less than 100 feet from the open widows of a middle school. The Island's County Council tried to pass legislation requiring buffer zones and the right to know what was being sprayed, and where. The chemical-seed companies mounted an aggressive defense of their right to not be regulated by the county. They bused in hundreds of blue shirted employees to the hearings. The concerned citizens often wore red shirts, and the tensions were high.