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Free Overnight RV Parking: No Reservations? No Problem!

• by Mike Wendland

No way do I want to be locked into an agenda, even if it's one I set myself. No way do I have to be somewhere (unless I actually have to be there). Ideally, I don't want to have to avoid missing something because I need to stick to the schedule.

So we travel without reservations, stopping when and where we want as the spirit moves. I call this Serendipity Travel.

Free Overnight RV Parking Suggestions

There are many businesses that allow RVers to park overnight in their lots… for free!

However, this varies from branch to branch of a business because city and state regulations vary. So, for instance, don't assume you can park at every Walmart. You'll need to see which Walmarts allow overnight RV parking.

Unfortunately for RVers, city regulations banning overnight RV stays are on the rise. That means we all need to do our part to be exemplary guests when we do stay overnight.