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Our 15 Helpful RV Rules for the Road

• by Mike Wendland

In our years of RVing, we've traveled across the country in every direction and back again. We have learned a lot along the way.

15 RV Rules for the Road to Maximize Your Enjoyment

Based on what we've learned the easy way and the hard way, here are our RV rules for the road.

RV Rule #1:  There is no hurry

Okay, sometimes you really do have to be somewhere at a certain time but, in general, RV travel calls out to be flexible.

To enjoy it to the max, you need to be able to stop when you want, where you want. Make that one of your always-follow RV rules for the road.

Setting an agenda, over-planning, and plotting out stop-by-stop overnights is way too organized for us. It causes us to miss the things you can't find in a book or through online research, the things that just happen, like taking a road far off the interstate just because it looks interesting.

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