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Bartering: Could You Live Without Money?

• Organic Prepper - J G Martinez

Could you live without money? Imagine the struggles of living day to day with little to no money. One of my Patreon subscribers recently sent me a video link of one man who lives without money. Mr. Boyle, the man who started it as an experiment, has lived somewhat comfortably by bartering.

Before watching the video, I thought to myself, "this guy is merely using excess resources tossed out by the wealthy to make a frugal living." My reasoning for this is there is usually excess prosperity in wealthy societies in the developed parts of the world. Here in South America, it's unlikely anyone will throw out a chair in perfect shape. Perhaps sell it, or gift it, but leaving it out for the garbage truck to haul away is rare.

Since the invention of money, people have looked for the means to attain it. Mr. Boyle has an interesting point of view, even philosophically speaking. He believes most people refuse to accept the necessary connection to nature for even the most basic yet vital needs, such as drinking water. Mr. Boyle feels the modern ways we get our staples, groceries, and whatever we need to live more or less decently have to change.