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Jeep previews future of all-electric lineup and autonomous off-roading

• by CC Weiss

Instead of dragging its heels, Jeep intends to throw itself into the electric and autonomous revolutions, molding bleeding-edge technologies into experiences that enhance Jeep life, from fully electric Wranglers supported by trailhead solar chargers and vehicle-to-vehicle charging, to self-driving 4x4s that shuttle adventures to and from drop-off points.

Today is Stellantis EV Day 2021, a time for the global auto conglomerate and brands therein to lay out electrification plans for the next decade or so. While some brands came out rather stiff and flat-footed in their presentations, Jeep got creative in highlighting a thought-provoking future in which electrification and other evolving auto technologies aren't mere inevitabilities but invaluable tools in improving the world and our means of traveling through it.