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Class A vs. Class B vs. Class C RV: Which is Right for You?

• by Mike Wendland

Let's look into having a Class A vs. Class B vs. Class C RV. Most of you reading this probably already know that we have a Class B+ (technically a class C) motorhome, and we love it. Before that, for many years we drove Class B Campervans.

The smaller size of our current RV makes it easy to maneuver and saves Jennifer and me a ton of money on gas. I truly feel like it allows me to be more in touch with nature, and less encumbered by size and stress. 

But I also know that a Class A or Class B (a B+) or a larger Class C RV may be better suited to you and your family. 

We all have different expectations from the RV Lifestyle.

Class A vs. Class B vs. Class C RV: Which Motorhome is Right for You?

Are you at a crossroads, trying to decide which is the better fit for you?

Those who live the RV lifestyle tend to have strong opinions when it comes to Class A vs. Class B RVs, with Class C falling somewhere in between. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. 

The following are the biggest differences of each class of RV.