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Growing Trend in 2021: Own your Campsite!

•, Mike Wendland

People fed up with crowded campgrounds and the increasing difficulty of getting a campsite reservation are plunking down lots of cash and are buying property so they can be sure of having a place to camp.

RV developments are being built all across the country to tap into what is becoming a pretty lucrative market.

Here's a video we just did of just one such own your campsite development that we toured in rural Tennessee.

Own your campsite RV developments are booming

With millions of new RVers now competing for prime campsites, even established RV parks and resorts that have long rented seasonal lots are reporting massive new interest, with many booked for the next two to three years.

High end luxury parks in high demand tourist areas that also offer ownership packages say they have never seen such interest from from RVers interested in buying and owning their own lots.

The one we just toured, offered by a company called Tennessee Land and Lakes and called The Landings, isn't selling RV spots in typical lot-sized packages. They're selling prime lakefront property divided into 1/3 acre parcels – 60 ft. x 320 ft.

They start at $49,900. These are way bigger than the size of RV lots typically sold in the more traditional RV resorts and parks.

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