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Praise The 1%! They Provide Improving Standards Of Living For The 99 Percent

•, Tyler Durden's

I came across an excellent article by George Reisman from October of 2011 that needs to be seen today.

Please consider In Praise of the Capitalist 1 Percent

The protesters in the Occupy Wall Street movement and its numerous clones elsewhere in the country and around the world chant that 1 percent of the population owns all the wealth and lives at the expense of the remaining 99 percent. The obvious solution that they imply is for the 99 percent to seize the wealth of the 1 percent and use it for their benefit rather than allowing it to continue to be used for the benefit of the 1 percent, who are allegedly undeserving greedy capitalist exploiters. In other words, the implicit program of the protesters is that of socialism and the redistribution of wealth.

What the protesters do not realize is that the wealth of the 1 percent provides the standard of living of the 99 percent.

"All of us, 100 percent of us, benefit from the wealth of the hated capitalists."