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Oven-packin' camp kitchen squeezes into a steel box for transport

• by Ben Coxworth

Designed by Prague-based entrepreneurs Jan Kozak and Petr Horeni, the Space Box is about the size of a large cooler when packed down – it measures 55 by 42 by 42 cm (21.7 by 16.5 by 16.5 in). Its various parts are made of a combination of steel, aluminum and wood. 

When users want to get cooking, they open the top of the box, pull out the combined oven/stovetop unit, and attach the two side tables. Both of those tables feature a rack on the bottom for utensils or food, along with a work area on top. The right-hand table additionally offers an inset removable sink that collapses flat for storage, and which is covered by a wooden cutting board when not in use.

Oh yes, and there's also an attached bottle opener.