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How Safe Is Boondocking? 10 Expert Tips and Techniques

•, Mike Wendland

Some people seem to think all that solitude and lack of dozens of RVs in the area means you are more vulnerable to criminal elements, right?

I'm sure you have heard those worries. Maybe you even had them yourself and wondered how safe is boondocking?

The simple answer is that boondocking is safer than sleeping in your bed at home. Let's look at why boondocking is safe, and how you can maximize your safety on every adventure.

1. Rest Assured Boondocking IS Safe!
Thieves are looking to get the most value for the least amount of risk. Your RV is probably worth a bundle, but it doesn't contain the trove of valuables found in a home, and it's very hard to hide or fence a vehicle the size of a motorhome. Boondocking is safe because RVs are not profitable targets for criminals. 

Boondocking actually increases your safety by isolating you from places where crimes take place. Even things like fighting and vandalism are more common in a heavily traveled RV park because criminals don't like the risks associated with RVs in the middle of nowhere.

Nowhere isn't worth the effort of getting there for most crooks, but it is worth the drive for campers.

So, really, when it comes to how safe is boondocking, encountering criminals nearby should be very low on your worry list.