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CDC extends ban on tenant evictions until June 30, once again asserting tyrannical control...

•, Ramon Tomey

While housing advocates lauded the move to aid cash-strapped renters, property owners said the CDC's order caused "financial hardship" and infringed on property rights.

The CDC's moratorium to extend the eviction ban will be effective starting April 1. According to the order, evicted renters looking for a new place to stay must move into shared housing or other settings – exposing themselves to other people. This subsequently "leads to multiple outcomes that increase the risk of COVID-19."

The document cited the American Housing Survey conducted by the United States Census Bureau, which said that 32 percent of renters would move in with friends or family members upon eviction. This would then "introduce new household members and potentially increase household crowding." Unfortunately, this also increases the risk of individuals in a household contracting COVID-19.

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Comment by trevor
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I was renting a nice little house in Peoria till the Wu-Flu trashed the business. I quickly gave my notice to my landlord and wrapped things up on good terms. How exactly a government sanction would justify me screwing my landlord, who happened to be a great guy, a young family guy, is utterly beyond me. There's no scintilla of moral equivalency here. My misfortune is not an excuse for pooping on the next guy. Sorry. I'll have the slab of stupid with extra moron sauce on top please.