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Radio Special - Heaven, How I Got Here: The Story of the Thief on the Cross by Colin S. Smith

• Unlocking the Bible -

Heaven, How I Got Here (the book) was inspired by the story of the thief on the cross, found in chapter 23 of Luke's Gospel. In writing the book, Pastor Colin tried to imagine the thief looking back on the last day of his life on earth from the perspective of his new life in heaven.

The story weaves together what we know from the Bible about the events of that day and views them through the eyes of the thief as he would have experienced them at the time, and as he can understand them now. If Jesus could save the thief a few hours before he died, there is lasting hope in Jesus, even for a person coming to the end of his or her life.

Heaven, How I Got Here (the audiobook) is an exciting partnership between Unlocking the Bible and X3Media, two organizations passionate about reaching people with the gospel using contemporary media platforms.

Hollywood actor Stephen Baldwin and radio host and business partner Kevin McCullough were approached to record the 11,000 word audio version of Heaven, How I Got Here. The audiobook was recorded in New York City and is voiced by Stephen Baldwin.