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Microchips Are the "Brains" of Every Electronic Device in the World and They're Becomi

• Organic Prepper - J G Martinez

Generally speaking, computers were created to make our lives better. I love them, indeed. I can't imagine a day without sitting in front of my monitor to write or watch a couple of videos before going to bed. I've written a few articles about how technology can indeed provide us quite strong support in some of our activities.

For example, computers help with surveillance, automation of things such as gate openings, lights, and even windows. You know, all that SmartHome new-age stuff that you may or may not find helpful. Many people use computers to make a side income. In my case, these days, it is the primary income, indeed. In some homes, computers are used for communications and record-keeping, among other things. 

The world is facing a microchip shortage

Everything nowadays uses a chip. Fridges. Laundry machines. Air conditioning. You don't want to know how many chips your car needs. And now the world faces a microchip scarcity – 34%  under the market demand has surfaced. Why? This situation presents because of geopolitical factors that the pandemic made worse. Let's remember when the US administration tightened the regulations for sales of semiconductors to firms like Huawei and ZT. 

Harvard Business Review authors wrote

Geopolitical factors also played a role, specifically when the Trump administration began tightly regulating sales of semiconductors to Huawei Technologies, ZTE, and other Chinese firms. Those companies began stockpiling chips essential to 5G smartphones and other products. At the same time, American firms were cut off from chips made by China's Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation after the federal government blacklisted the firm.

It's not like this couldn't have been impeded. Modern practices like "Just on time" deliveries of parts for assembly (a clever idea to avoid paying money for storage warehouses) left many industries extremely vulnerable to chain supply disruptions.