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Brawny Domino dual-mode trailer swallows campers with yawning jaws

•, By C.C. Weiss

Opening the rear jaws provides immediate teardrop-style access inside, while deploying the power-operated annex tent sets adventurers up with a more complete living space.

The Domino is the second camper trailer in Offline Campers' lineup and the first with a full hard-roofed interior. It's sized like a teardrop but certainly doesn't wear the classic, smooth-arched design. Instead, the Domino follows previous debuts from the likes of Track Trailer, Lumberjack and AOR in sporting what we've come to think of as "Australian polygon of destruction" styling. The genre is more a group of shapes than a single polygon since no two are exactly alike, but they all feature an array of crisp lines and sharp angles that add up to a distinctively burly towable.

The Domino's form is a bit overemphasized at the rear, owing to the contrast-gray bodywork extending out from the white main body, a hint at the trailer's dual-mode design. In travel mode, the Domino provides quick, convenient camping, the rear face panels opening up like jaws to provide access to the two-person interior. The lower split door houses the staircase for an easy trip up and in. Both doors pull closed from inside, so within a matter of minutes, travelers go from rambling down the road inside the tow vehicle to welcoming the onset of slumber atop the queen-size spring mattress.

Travel mode is well-suited to a quick overnight stay during a longer journey or a late-night arrival that makes campers seek out the pillow immediately, with no energy for setup. Camp mode creates a fuller base camp that serves well for longer, more relaxing stays in the wilderness.