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The Florida Water Supply Hack Demonstrates Our Vulnerability to Cyberattacks

• Organic Prepper - Robert Wheeler

A seemingly innocuous story coming out of Oldsmar, Florida may have greater implications for the rest of the country and a potential preview of a coming SHFT scenario. This is because a hacker was able to successfully alter the levels of chemicals in Oldsmar's water supply to "potentially damaging" levels.

While nobody got hurt and authorities assure us that there was no danger to customers, this event clearly demonstrates exactly how vulnerable our infrastructure is to a cyberattack. This event comes on the heels of a massive cyberattack last December for which a culprit was never identified.

A hacker increased an ingredient in drain cleaner to dangerous levels.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualteri said that a plant operator at Oldsmar's water treatment facility first noticed that someone had remotely accessed the computer system he was monitoring. Those computers allow for remote access to selected people so that maintenance and troubleshooting can take place remotely. This is why the operator didn't think much about the incident at first.

But it happened again that afternoon and the operator could then see the mouse moving on the screen opening different functions that controlled the treatment of the water in the system.