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Triton's latest submarine puts six people in a bubble, 3,300 feet under

•, By Loz Blain

Having conquered the deepest recesses of the ocean with its DSV Limiting Factor "deep-sea elevator," and delivered its first 24-seat DeepView tourist submarine in Vietnam, Triton has turned its attention back to the luxury sector with a new six-person sub designed to launch from the garage of your mega-yacht.

The 3300/6 is so named because it has achieved a certified depth rating of 3,300 ft (1,000 m), with the ability to carry six people in a surprisingly close facsimile of comfort. Triton achieves this with the use of "the world's largest spherical acrylic pressure hull," a giant transparent bubble 2.5 m (100 in) in diameter, at the center of the sub.

"Optically perfect" and free from distortion, this bubble offers panoramic views for the front five seats, and a great opportunity to see some backs of heads from the sixth, which is the least comfortable looking of the lot, and strangely enough where the pilot sits. Triton will happily fit it out with just four seats if you want to give everyone a bit more leg room. It's air conditioned – a must in submersibles, where the lack of fresh air tends to be very noticeable and lunch menus need to be well planned in advance of a group dive.

You hop in and out via an access hatch behind the bubble, using the pilot's seat as a stepladder to add a touch of insult to the injury of getting the worst seat in the house. Whatever, it's hard to feel too sorry for anyone whose job is driving people around in luxury submarines, and to even the score up a bit the pilot gets access to a very serious-looking battery of gauges and controls that'll look badass in selfies.