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Podcast Episode #60 Crypto Rich and How Privacy Coins Thwart the Great Reset

• by Tom Luongo

 But what is lurking below the surface is the issue of privacy. In a dramatic push for the end of privacy governments and corporations around the world are deep into building a medical passport system that bypasses national and local governments and makes a mockery of the ideas of human individuality and dignity.

Into this discussion are the so-called 'privacy coins' within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. What are privacy coins, which are the best ones and how does the technology at the 'layman plus' level work? That's what my friend Crypto Rich attempt to unpack for you today, with an emphasis on Pirate.Chain's impressive backstory and technology

Because with them building a technocracy of ultimate control the only way to fight that is by removing as much capital from their system as possible, preserving not only wealth by vitality and spirit for the future.