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Sam Bankman-Fried's elaborate plot to avoid 110-year FTX crypto fraud sentence...


Sam Bankman-Fried is pulling out all the stops in a last-ditch effort to avoid a possible 110-year prison sentence

The cryptocurrency fraudster has brought in his parents, former FTX colleagues, law professors and Trump's former lawyer in a bid for a lenient sentence and in preparation for appealing his conviction for fraud. 

Bankman-Fried, 31, is currently awaiting his sentence inside New York's Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn after being found guilty of stealing from his customers at the now-folded crypto currency exchange he founded. 

The former billionaire will be sentenced by Judge Lewis Kaplan on March 28, with a possible 110-year sentence on the cards. 

As well as preparing an appeal the former crypto mogul's lawyers are scheduled to file a legal memo in the U.S. District Court in Manhattan on Tuesday, arguing that their client doesn't deserve to go to prison for the rest of his life. 

The appeal for leniency in sentencing is part of a long-term strategy to appeal the fraud conviction and change the public perception of Bankman-Fried's activities at the collapsed crypto exchange. 

However, Miriam Baer, vice dean at Brooklyn Law School has predicted that even if Kaplan decides against imposing the maximum sentence he could still serve 30 years behind bars. 

The judge 'could still give a very serious sentence given how young Mr. Bankman-Fried is; say, a 30- or 35-year sentence,' Baer told the New York Times.