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Abortion is the leading cause of death during the coronavirus, killing 37 million worldwide


(Article by Steven Ertelt and Micaiah Bilger republished from

It's a heartbreaking number — no one ever wants to see someone die from a disease, virus or medical condition. And scientists, doctors, nurses and other people in the medical field have worked furiously to find a vaccine and develop treatments to help patients recover and recover more quickly.

But it's also a number that deserves some perspective.

As people have sacrificed worldwide — losing businesses and jobs, closing schools and churches, distancing, wearing masks etc. — the abortion industry hasn't taken a break anywhere around the world and especially not in the United States. Even while frontline medical workers were desperate for more PPEs, abortions clinics remained open and hogged those previous resources throughout the crisis, putting both mothers' and unborn babies' lives at risk while actual medical facilities closed to protect their patients.

As a result, abortion remains the leading cause of death in both the United States and worldwide.

While 250,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus and 1,358,413 have died worldwide, those tragic numbers pale in comparison to the number of babies killed in abortions. The number of unborn babies who died in the U.S. and internationally from abortions far surpasses both.