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Towards a No-Comprise Flying 500 MPH Supercar

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Getting the first prototype will require US$20-40 million in funding. Each flying supercar will cost around 5-7 million. A basic corporate jet is $2 to 3 million. Getting certified for mass production would cost $2 billion. The initial plan is to get about ten buyers and each would own a working unit.

Most corporate jet flights are for less than 300 miles and only have 1 passenger. For regional intercity travel, the Firenze uses up to 5X less fuel than a typical corporate jet while offering far greater door-to-door speed, convenience, and flexibility.

Approximately 40% of corporate jet flights are empty as crews ferry the aircraft to pick up clients and deadhead aircraft to maintenance facilities. The Firenze eliminates this fuel burn because it can drive using the battery rather than fly deadhead legs.