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It Makes Perfect Sense That QAnon Took Off With Women This Summer

•, By Lili Loofbourow

Over the past few months, we've learned that women are becoming the primary drivers of a cult that started where most conspiracy theories do—on seedy hypermasculine spaces like 4chan or /pol/ or the febrile brain of Alex Jones—and are making a story about a satanic "cabal," with Donald Trump as the savior, seem pretty, palatable, and an obviously good thing. Who doesn't want to protect children and restore order? People who might not ordinarily be amenable to this kind of thing are flocking to it during this distressing period when we're all spending more time inside and online because of the disaster-laden state of the country. QAnon offers the comfort of an answer, above all else, so perhaps it shouldn't be surprising that the conspiracy theory is popping up on Peloton forums, circulating among Instagram influencers, and gaining traction with anti-vaxxers, yoga communities, and new moms.