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Exclusive President Trump: 'Last Thing I'm Thinking About' After Coronavirus...

•, Matthew Boyle

Trump said in the nearly 30-minute exclusive interview that because of the coronavirus pandemic, which originated in Wuhan, China, and spread around the world, he is not considering negotiating another deal with China at this time.

"We made a great deal, on the phase one deal," Trump said. "The last thing I think about right now is phase two. It's the last thing I'm thinking about right now, is a China phase two deal, after what they did to us on the China virus."

When asked for more details on what else exactly he intends to do to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for the Wuhan coronavirus, the president was less specific.

"They should have stopped it, it being there," Trump told Breitbart News of the coronavirus when asked how he will hold China accountable. "We'll see what happens. I can't tell you yet, but we'll see what happens. They certainly started it and they could have held it. Look, it didn't get into China. But it went all over the world. They could have stopped it. They should have."