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Why Shouldn't Foreigners Be Free to Support U.S. Candidates?

•, by Jacob G. Hornberger

Recall that the ostensible purpose of special prosecutor (and former FBI Director) Robert Mueller's long, drawn-out investigation was to determine whether Russia played a role in the campaign and whether Trump had somehow become a covert agent of the Russian government.

A question naturally arises: Why should the Russian people and the Russian government be prohibited by U.S. law from supporting U.S. presidential and congressional candidates with money, counsel, or other assistance? Indeed, why shouldn't any foreigner be free to donate or otherwise support U.S. candidates for federal office?

Let's leave aside foreign governments for now and just focus on foreign citizens. Many of them are targeted for death, injury, and destruction by the U.S. government on a regular basis. That death and destruction comes in the form of sanctions, embargoes, invasions, bombings, shootings, torture, and occupations.

If anyone has a vested interest in electing the right candidates to Congress and the presidency, it is the very people who directly suffer the consequences of foreign interventionism. Why shouldn't they be free to support federal candidates who oppose the foreign interventionism that brings them and their families and friends death, suffering, and destruction?

There is also the matter of fundamental rights. The U.S. Declaration of Independence, which American citizens recently celebrated, observes that everyone, not just American citizens, has been endowed by nature and his Creator with certain fundamental, inherent rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.