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Court finally gets it right: election-meddling Dems just got a knock-out punch from 3rd Circuit…


This setup practically cements their "ballot harvesting" strategy for decades to come. At this point, we're left with two options: either end mail-in ballots altogether, except for military, expats, and the disabled—which seems unlikely this far into the game—or we find ways to outsmart them and tighten the rules to make it harder for them to rig and cheat the system anymore than they already have. And the best way to tackle this in the interim is by tightening the reins on their sketchy ballot tactics. We need to implement so many rules and regulations that it becomes virtually impossible for them to ever replicate that absurd "81 million" vote count again.

That's exactly what went down in Pennsylvania, where lawmakers created rules to ensure that only properly cast mail-in ballots would be counted. For starters, each ballot must be signed and dated—common sense, right? Well, not so fast. The left, led by none other than Mark Elias, the kingpin lawyer of the Russia Hoax, challenged these regulations. Elias even declared this one of the most important cases of the year. So you can just imagine his surprise when the 3rd Circuit Court shot him down and kept the Pennsylvania rules intact.