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Independence Day Under Dictatorship

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Comment by PureTrust
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It's not dictatorship. It's a way to make money. 13th Amendment, no involuntary servitude. Most of the time if you are not a threat to law enforcement, they will ask you nicely the first time. If you don't want to do what they ask, you say, "I wish to not do (whatever). Is it an order?" If it's not an order, go on your way. If it is an order, depending on the circumstances, you might tell them that you will be invoicing them and their boss, based on the 13th Amendment. But even if you don't tell them, invoice them. Make it for a big amount - minimum $250,000 - maximum $billions or more. --- If enough of us do this all the time, they will back off. The courts will be clogged with law suits for payment. Remember to invoice payable on receipt of invoice, and for 6% additional on the unpaid balance after 30 days. --- No involuntary servitude - "I wish to not do (whatever)."