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Tesla's Run is Not Over

•, by Brian Wang

The years of being correct is public evidence that Nextbigfuture has credibility as a Tesla bull. In Jan, 2019, I wrote about Tesla buying Maxwell dry cell technology to enable a tripling of battery energy density. This will also enable vastly more compact battery production in factories. Nextbigfuture expects the battery and battery factory announcements to be made at Tesla's September battery day. The Nextbigfuture Maxwell battery articles were featured in youtube videos by Tesla bull Gali of Hyperchange.

Nextbigfuture has been bullish on Tesla for years. I have written about ten articles per month covering all aspects of Tesla.

Let me skip over the
* wonderful technology,
* the growing technology lead in batteries, electronics and software and
* the great financial model that they will continue to scale.

Apple was up 20 times in 2006 from 1997. Apple still went up 20 times from that point. The iPhone was introduced in 2007.

I equate the Model 3 to the iPod. The Model S and X are like the iMac and MacBook.
The Model Y and the Cybertruck are like iPhone's and iPads. The products do not perfectly match up but you get the idea.