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America Is Losing Its Last Line of Defense From Absolute Takeover

•, By Dave Hodges

What he told me was stunning when were discussing the lockdown and the devastation of our economy. He said that "the powers that be" that he knows are stunned that America allowed itself to be destroyed without barely a whimper.  

America has lost her way. America has lost its conscience and that is because America lost its spiritual soul when we turned out collective backs on Jesus Christ. When a people lose Christ, they lose courage and must solely rely on their own self-created courage and in America, today, that will not carry our people very far. We are a soft people tied to a lack of resilience in the face of controversy and great challenge. We are also an instant gratification society with extreme hedonistic overtones. Does this define all of us? It does not, but the remnant does not contain the numerical strength to effectively oppose the complete and ongoing destruction of our country.

Our amoral approach to Christ's teachings made most of our nation oblivious to the complete and total Satanic takeover of our nation. Bob Griswold and myself have always taken the position that any nation that can ignore the holocaust of murdering 70 million babies will tolerate any kind of leadership. Any nation that would allow a baby to be murdered as it is exiting the birth canal to begin its life and then have its body parts sold for profit, will tolerate any kind of leadership. If we don't like the Schumer's, the Schiff's, Pelosi's, Clinton's, Obama's, Comey's assuming positions of power over us, we should have all strived to be better people, and not just better people, but better Christians that did not take the 10 Commandments as the 10 suggestions. When we failed to follow God's laws, we cannot expect the evil entities that rule over us to follow the Constitution. Many of Americans complain that the Democrats don't follow the rule of law, yet, we do not follow the most high laws of them all.