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After Blasting "Russian Troll Attacks," Swedish Ministers Admit Local Grandma Stoked Anti-

• by Tyler Durden

A new report by Swedish national broadcaster (SVT) found there was no evidence of Russian bots posting upwards of 2,000 anti-5G posts in total, but rather a granny in Sweden running a grassroots social media group, who was opposed to cellular network radiation. 

The posts began in December 2019, when Ygeman pointed out to the Swedish press that thousands of negative 5G comments were showing up on his Facebook account. He immediately blamed "Russian trolls," and the mainstream media took his word as face value, reported RT News. 

"There is a Russian political interest in disrupting and hindering other countries' development of 5G," Ygeman told Swedish reporters earlier this year. He said the thousands of negative posts were from "Russian trolls."