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Elon Musk talks Tesla Cybertruck, issues more feature details


Elon Musk has taken to Twitter to dish out a few more details on the electric vehicle that nearly set the internet afire last year. That'd be the Tesla Cybertruck, if you haven't heard about it already.

The Tesla CEO started a short Twitter conversation on Friday to add a few additional details about the electric pickup, including dimensions and a host of other gadgets to measure outside effects on payload, towing and more.

On the latter point, Musk replied to a Twitter user asking for a payload towing calculator. Various scenarios can change how much any pickup truck will handle, and Musk said the Cybertruck will have this function. He added the EV pickup will "also show real-time changes to max acceleration, braking, cornering, speed on gradient and range." This set of calculator gadgetry will further factor in elevation changes, cargo or towing mass and drag impact on a specified route.

The Tesla CEO appeared extremely proud of the Cybertruck's forthcoming active ride height and damping systems, which he explicitly called "game changing" for a pickup truck. He didn't add any other details. 

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