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Unraveling California's Quick, But Complete Demise

•, by Joe Guzzardi

 Bulletins pour into my email inbox, and since immigration has been my journalism beat for more than 30 years, I'm professionally obligated to keep current. The news is relentlessly dreary, and reflects how far from the rule of law California has drifted.

In its story "This Immigration Lawyer Understands Her Clients; She's Undocumented," the Los Angeles Times was almost giddy over illegal alien Lizbeth Mateo and her representation before the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) of a fellow illegal alien. Let that sink in: an illegal alien lawyer defending an illegal alien in a U.S. Court. According to a former legacy Immigration and Naturalization employee, no one can serve as an attorney or be a member of the state bar if they are criminals – Mateo entered and reentered the United States illegally. Nor are they eligible to represent an alien before the EOIR since their immigration status conflicts with the laws at issue.

Instead of focusing its story on the absurdity and legal questionability of an illegal immigrant subject to immigration laws, including arrest and deportation, representing another illegal immigrant, the Times instead referred to Mateo as "polished, savvy" which may be true but is also incomplete.

Mateo is certainly savvy. Several years ago, she and eight other activists, known collectively as the The Dream 9, traveled to Mexico, then demanded and received reentry permission so they could protest what they perceived as President Obama's harsh immigration policy.