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San Francisco Spends Almost $30 Per Flush For Public Toilets

•, by Simon Black

British school controls where children eat and shop after school
Imagine a man in a high visibility jacket comes into your take-out restaurant, and starts berating your customers, telling them to leave, and threatening them if they don't.

That is what business owners in Bristol, England are dealing with. The man in the official looking high-viz reflective vest was a teacher, and the customers were students.

It is school policy to restrict what shops and restaurants students can patronize on their way home from school, by sending teachers out to patrol the streets.

Students who disobey the rule are punished with detention, even though this happens outside of school hours and off school property.

The business owner had to call the police to get the teacher to leave, and stop blocking the doorway to his shop (which prevented customers from entering).

He says it has cut down on his business significantly, including intimidating other customers besides the school children.

When the man spoke to the school Superintendent, he was treated to a lecture about how his food is unhealthy, and should not be available to students.

San Francisco spends almost $30 per flush for public toilets

Amid a homelessness crisis, San Francisco is trying to find ways to keep the streets from being littered with human feces.

They ran a pilot program over the past three months to keep public toilets open all night.