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Clinton-Epstein BOMBSHELL -- Surprise eyewitness!


Very, very close.

And a surprising eyewitness has come forward to share one of the biggest Epstein-Clinton secrets yet: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was involved in their relationship as well.

They even brought daughter Chelsea along, too.

It all went down on Epstein's infamous 10,000-acre "baby-making ranch" in New Mexico, The Daily Mail reported on Wednesday. Epstein reportedly used the ranch to entertain his rich and powerful friends. Authorities suspect he often flew in underage girls on his private jet — dubbed the "Lolita Express" — to the private airport on the estate.

The New York Times reported that Epstein had also consulted top doctors at the ranch about developing a plan to impregnate "20 women at a time" to "seed" the human race with his DNA.

An eyewitness — Epstein's security expert Jared Kellogg — told The Daily Mail all about the Clintons frequent visits and Epstein's strange security requests.

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