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Hollywood 'needs to be reformed', says Harvey Keitel

• by Sophie Pons

In the era of global blockbusters, he argued, studios should refocus on making movies that are less commercialised and more authentic.

Keitel, who has just turned 80, recalled that Scorsese had said he "could not have gotten 'The Irishman' made but for the good graces of Netflix -- no studio wanted to do it, nobody wanted to do it".

"This is a very good example of what is happening with Netflix," he said.

"The fact that we're losing cinemas we are all a bit sad about. But for me personally, I always think, well, that's what changes as we ... evolve."

After lengthy hold-ups, the mafia hitman saga starring Robert de Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci and with Keitel in a support role is showing on streaming service Netflix, accompanied by a limited theatrical release.

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