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Tesla Model S Spotted At Nurburgring Reportedly "Broke Halfway Through A Lap"

• by Tyler Durden

That's when, unfortunately, Road and Track actually called the Nurburgring, who informed them of the truth at the time: that Tesla did not, in fact, have an upcoming track time booked - and that the Nurburgring was instead booked solid for the season. 

But one week later, a Model S was spotted at a shop outside of the Nurburgring with "a clear wicker attached to its trunk lid and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Rs, some of the stickiest and most aggressive tires you can buy today."

But, despite the Model S being at the Nurburgring, Road and Track says they heard the Model S would be instead participating in the Ring's Industry Pool - where timing is "strictly prohibited" and "there's so much traffic that a fast lap is impossible".

Some sources on the ground said that Tesla has booked a private track to set a time for next week. The Nurburgring issued a schedule change for September 21, inserting a new 30 minute private window into a session that was already set for public laps and Ring taxi laps. Carving out time from a public lap session was likely an "expensive proposition" and "guaranteed to make the track money". 

Meanwhile, Musk himself has said that the run probably won't be this week.