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Rumble in the jungle! Incredible moment African elephant gets into a FIGHT with a rhino...


This is the incredible moment an elephant chased off a rhino and her baby after a brawl over a waterhole.   

The footage was filmed at the Kruger National Park in South Africa by Krishna Tummalapalli, an interventional cardiologist from India. 

The rhino and her baby were drinking water from the pond when an elephant approached them. 

Immediately, the older rhino moved towards the elephant, adopting a seemingly threatening pose. 

This seemed to enrage the elephant who immediately rammed the rhino and, as the two adults struggled, the baby rhino fell between them, screaming. 

Eventually, the baby rhino managed to run away from the fight. 

After being dunked in the water by the elephant, the mother rhino was also able to break free, leading its baby away from the scene.