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Trump is right: Democrats should LEAVE America if they hate what America stands for…


You can find example after example of their vile comments in which they regularly denigrate the country they are supposed to be representing if you look online.

In other words, these four are the antithesis of POTUS Donald Trump and his pro-America, "Make America Great Again" mantra. And they certainly do not represent the majority opinion around the country — that America sucks, is hateful and racist, and has not improved social conditions for all its people since our founding.

Because of that, the president took the Squad to task over the weekend in a series of tweets in which he stated plainly that if they think so poorly of America they could turn in their House credentials, head back to their countries of heritage and/or origin, and work on improving those nations — you know, since America is such a hopeless case.

It was classic Trump: Saying what needs to be said to these haters but which would never be said by an adoring media or a far-Left Democrat constituency because they're darlings and darlings don't get hit with truth bombs.

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