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John Bush joins Mike Adams for knowledge-packed conversation:

•, Health Ranger Report

- Off-grid living, sustainability, and community building. (0:00)

- Preparing for chaos through local networks, skills, and technology. (5:27)

- Balancing technology and self-sufficiency in a post-collapse world. (10:52)

- The potential of cryptocurrency and its impact on government spending and war funding. (13:45)

- Decentralized finance, cryptocurrency, and investing. (19:52)

- Water harvesting, permaculture, and land investment. (23:59)

- Permaculture and regenerative agriculture, differences and similarities. (29:53)

- Sustainable living, self-sufficiency, and personal growth in a world facing economic and political challenges. (37:34)

- Personal development and navigating difficult times. (42:58)

- Resilience, anti-fragility, and personal growth in the face of adversity. (44:47)