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Nigel Farage Takes Down Another Tory Government, Bye Bye Theresa May

•, by Tom Luongo

The resignation of Theresa May marks the second Tory Prime Minister to fall because of Farage's steadfast support of an independent and sovereign United Kingdom.

Farage understood from the moment he entered politics that destroying the European Union was the ultimate goal. He knew that Britain had been completely betrayed by its entrenched and entitled political and aristocratic classes.

He knew they cared nothing for the people they Lord over as they cling to outdated ideals of their own inherent superiority.

So, watching the collapse of the system of pelf and privilege that has paralyzed the recovery of the U.K. since the end of World War II brought about, in part, by Farage's uncanny political instincts has been one of the great pleasures of the last ten years.

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