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Captain Marvel Faces Boycott Backlash Over Brie Larson's 'Man-Hating'


Brie Larson is kicking off her publicity tour as the first female lead in a Marvel Comics movie with "Captain Marvel." But she's facing withering backlash and a boycott from some fans who are turned off by her man-hating rhetoric.

The boycott was launched by conservative author Jack Posobiec, a correspondent with One America News.

Posobiec started the Twitter hashtag Alita Challenge, urging his legion of social media followers to boycott "Captain Marvel" and see "Alita: Battle Angel" instead.

Alita vs captain marvel

Conservatives are boycotting 'Marvel Marvel' for 'Alita: Battle Angel," which does not push feminist propaganda. (PR photos)

'We Are Sick and Tired of SJW Politics'

Posobiec told CCN that Larson's anti-male rhetoric and Marvel Studio's injection of leftist politics into the action film is insulting and unwarranted. He underscored that movie fans go to the theater to be entertained — not to be indoctrinated and brainwashed with left-wing propaganda.