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Steven Spielberg takes thinly veiled shots at Netflix and Hulu streaming services


'There's nothing like going to a big dark theatre with people you've never met before'

Steven Spielberg's crusade against streaming services continues.

Accepting the Filmmaker Award at the Cinema Audio Society (CAS) awards in Los Angeles, California, the influential director praised the theatrical experience, saying "there's nothing going to a big dark" cinema.

"I hope all of us really continue to believe that the greatest contributions we can make as filmmakers is to give audiences the motion picture theatrical experience," he said, according to Variety. "I'm a firm believer that theatres need to be around forever."

Spielberg – who has directed box-office blockbusters of Indiana Jones, ET, Jurassic Park and Jaws – did not name any singular streaming service, but did praise the quality of writing on television.