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The Deep State's Secret War on Russia


Do they now stage terror attacks, down airliners and own the world's press?

On Christmas Day, 2018, Israeli planes attacked Syria by hiding behind two civilian airliners, one landing in Damascus. The Lebanese government complained vigorously about the violation of its airspace and the insanity of the Israeli action, only days after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received a "no confidence" vote that may well remove him from office after charges of broad corruption had been filed against him.

A similar attack was waged on Syrian and Russian forces on September 19, 2018 when Israeli planes following a Russian IL20 military aircraft coming in for a landing, used the Israeli "human shield" ploy leading to the deaths of 15.

Evidence from sources in Kiev now indicate that the downing of MH17 in 2014 involved Israeli teams operating in Kiev, Israeli pilots flying from bases in Ukraine and Azerbaijan and the use of MH17 as a "human shield."

This time, however, there were no ground targets worthy of attack but rather the incident itself, much like the White Helmets' fake gas attacks, staged to manipulate opinion and draw NATO and the US into the conflict.

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