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Fake Science: CDC Publishes Totally False Data on Gun Injuries...

•, by Ethan Huff

Though they've slightly faded from the spotlight ever since the Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmation circus, the "March For Our Lives" gun-grabbers are still busy behind the scenes trying to eliminate your Second Amendment rights – and they're doing it using fake gun injury data being published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

A recent investigation by FiveThirtyEight and The Trace found that the CDC is publishing gun injury data that the agency itself admits is "unstable and potentially unreliable," though the mainstream media seems to have no problem with citing it is "factual."

While various other agencies, organizations, and entities that track such data have procured data showing that gun violence is down in recent years, only the CDC is reporting that it's somehow increasing. This is what's known as an outlier, and for scientific purposes it's typically thrown out as erroneous. But since it matches the leftists' anti-gun narrative, it's often peddled in the fake news as "science."