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The Standing Army of the State

•, By Donald Jeffries

I've been watching a lot of videos recently on the Civil Rights Lawyer YouTube channel. It's a less sensationalized version of Cops Gone Wild. It is absolutely astonishing to see just what kind of "public servants," all of them armed and dangerous, the taxpayers are footing the bill for.

Just in recent days, there was a roided out cop tearing a grandmother out of her car and throwing her roughly to the ground. Her "crime?" Driving fast in an effort to rush her three year old grandchild to the hospital. This police officer, like virtually all of them, was instantly aggressive, barking orders like a stereotypical drill sergeant, and never paused when she told him the situation. There have been other cases over the years of our beloved "public servants" stopping people who were rushing to the hospital. Citizens have died because these out of control tyrants couldn't recognize a medical emergency. More importantly, they didn't care. In one case, a then NFL player was detained while his mother in law died without him being able to say goodbye to her. So, sometimes even an athlete's status doesn't help.

In another case, a Black guy was checking his mail when a police car rolled up, and started questioning him. He pointed across the street and told them, "they called you." A normal person would have said, "thank you," and gone to that house. But not this guy. He became belligerent and confrontational. Which is the tactic every police officer uses in these very illuminating videos. They are never reasonable. They bark orders, and they expect the citizens who pay their salaries to obey them without question. At any rate, the cop ended up tasering this Black guy. Now, like almost all the Black non-suspects we see in these videos, he was combative and called the cop out on his behavior. Police don't like that. The many Whites they harass and abuse aren't as quick to defend themselves. They think of the cops as the "good guys."

In another recent video, a White guy in West Virginia was stopped for having no inspection sticker. This is a serious crime in America 2.0, the kind that called for four police officers to arrive at the scene. These bullies always call for "backup," even if they're throwing an elderly invalid out of a wheelchair. "Officer safety" and all that. No one seems to care about citizen safety. The Civil Rights Lawyer showed, as he often does, just how thoroughly these cops lie in their reports. In this case, the cop claimed the guy "refused" to get out of the car, when all he did was very reasonably ask him, "what crime am I suspected of?" They hate when you do that. Police think they have the right to order you to do anything, and if you even hesitate, they begin yelling, and at best will throw you to the ground. At worst, they will shoot you.