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Mewling: Fantasy Sex As Strange Fruit

•, by Bill Buppert

But I am thrilled by the communist mewling and caterwauling over the contretemps it has caused. The same thing happened when Thomas and Bork threaten ted the socialist apple cart in the last century; eerily, the same sexual hysteria and unsubstantiated accusations illuminated those great national discussions.

Kavanaugh will be just as awful as Roberts who suddenly became a raging socialists' apologist once he donned the poisonous robes of the Supremes.

I do look forward to that miserable commie rat in human guise, the notorious RBG, to assume room temperature and watch the madness unfold again.

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Comment by Ed Price
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A rubber stamp for the Federal Government is exactly what we need. Why? Because of our freedom to contract which is in the Constitution. The Feds make mistakes. But Fed Gov is designed to control the public sector in a civil way, but to not control the private sector, automatically leaving it to be libertarian (common law). And this is written right into the Constitution at Article 1, Section 10, Clause 1, and the court system at Corpus Juris Secundum, volume 25, section 334. The problem is that people aren't using this stuff written right in their own law for their protection from Fed Gov. However, people are starting by forming formal "private membership associations." Youtube and Google search on "private membership association" -

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