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'Historic Moment' as Sweden Remilitarizes Its Largest Baltic Island

•, Sputnik

Although the 350 soldiers are still a far cry from the 25,000-strong force that was present on Gotland only several decades ago, the measure nevertheless marks a turning point in Sweden's military doctrine.

After more than a decade of demilitarization, the P 18 regiment on Gotland has been reinstated with much pomp, Swedish national broadcaster SVT reported, calling the moment "historic," as the Baltic island has once again welcomed regular troops.

"Security-wise, we live in a reality of unpredictability and quick changes, even in our immediate vicinity. To be able to meet every threat and every challenge, we must be present where our abilities are most needed. This applies to Gotland. Keep the colors high!" Supreme Commander Micael Bydén said during the ceremony, stressing that Gotland has been a place of strategic importance for centuries and remains so today.

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