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Uh-Oh: InVision's New Free Tool Wants To Kill Sketch, Adobe, And Framer


As every designer knows, the process of digital design is a mess. Almost everyone today uses Sketch to draw their screens, but Sketch can only do so much. If you want to turn that file into a clickable prototype for the schmoes in marketing, there's InVision. If you want to create prototypes with slick animations that will sell how the thing feels, you probably jump over from a Sketch file to Framer or Principle. Once you have your animated prototype, the file becomes a dead end that you can't put back into Sketch. "Even big companies are using a cobbled-together set of tools," points out Clark Valberg, the CEO of InVision whose name should be well known to any designer from his constant emails to InVision users, which including designers from companies ranging from Airbnb to Amex. "Even on the same team, some people use Keynote to do animations and some people use AfterEffects," adds Tom Giannattasio, the product manager who led the creation of InVision studios.

After two years of figuring out how to fix those problems, today InVision is releasing Studio, a new desktop app that's meant to do everything a digital designer needs, all at once. The interface borrows liberally from Sketch. But it also has the power to animate screens, join them up as clickable prototypes, and share them directly to InVision. Working on responsive behavior is as simple as changing the size of your art board with a click-and-drag.