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IPFS News Link • Microchipping


•, by Ryan Herbison

Yes, that's correct. It's come to this folks. They're selling it to you like it is the future, it's coming so why not get behind it.

Now admittedly they are not forcing their employees to take this chip. They say the chip will allow employees to access certain areas without an ID card, log in to computers and use vending machines.

Video: "In River Falls Wisconsin employees at a vending company are going from the assembly line to front of the pack to get microchipped. Do you think this is the future? It is the future, and we look at this as being responsible.

Todd Westby is the owner of Three Square Market, and by next week at least 50 of his 80 employees have signed up to become bionic. Using what's called a RFID transponder in a microchip. This is meant to make the workplace experience faster and more efficient. This company is offering the chips which cost about $300 apiece to its employees for free.